Relationships in the wine industry with elite winemakers and vineyards have led to the opportunity to bottle highly acclaimed private label wines for their clients. Personal Wine is committed to helping your organization bring in donation revenue by offering a unique, customizable service to your auction attendees. 

Offer your audience the opportunity to buy the whole barrel or purchase individual case (25 cases of 12) – personalized with their own custom label! 

  • Guests can purchase the entire barrel or 1 or more individual cases

  • There is no limit to how many barrels of this wine you can sell

  • Each individual case of 12 bottles can be custom labeled

    • Winner can design their own label or work with a Personal Wine designer​

  • 2018 California Cabernet Sauvignon

    • Cost to the organization: $160/case; $4,000/barrel

    • Recommended sales price to attendees: $500-$600/case

  • 2017 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

    • Cost to the organization: $260/case

    • Recommended sales price to attendees: $750-$1,000/case


Shipping of each case to one location is included in the price. A minimum of 10 cases must be purchased. Above 10, you only pay for the cases that you sell. 

Shipping to Individual Destinations: 


Peak Season (Jan-May or Oct-Dec): 

  • Ground shipping is $35/case

  • Overnight shipping is $119/case

  • Freight (25 case lot) is generally is $400-500


Off Season (June-Sept):

  • Next day only (due to summer heat) is $119/case

  • Freight is by refrigerated truck and is $1,200 (25 case lot)


 The summer seasons are not good for shipping wines. It is advised to ship in the fall or spring.


Kelly Bukolt​

Tel: (832) 814-6054​

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