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consignment vacations for houston charities - charity ace

Consignment Vacations for Houston charities

Looking for consignment packages for your next fundraiser? Check out the hottest packages selling in Houston that average 250% ROI with no risk to your organization!

consignment vacations for houston charities - charity ace

About Charityace

CharityACE was created with the charity in mind. Our team has founded, led, and worked with non-profit organizations across the country, raising more than $100 million for charities in the past 10 years.  We understand the science of maximizing your fundraising during the live auction, it’s our specialty! We provide full service fundraising consulting to charities in need of consignment packages to enhance their event live auctions and advance their missions. We assess your needs and take a strategic approach to filling holes only when it makes the most sense for your event and your audience.

Why charityace for your houston charity

one stop shop

We vet consignment companies for you and compile the tried and true best package options for you to easily and efficiently see what is available across the market. Ensure your donor has the best possible experience with proven packages, five star concierge services, and no hidden fees or hassles.

free expert consultation

At no cost to your organization, we share our experiences and successes with you so that you can get back to the good work being done by your mission. Our team of consultants will analyze your procured packages and assist you in choosing consignment options that make the most sense and are most likely to produce the best yield for you.

no risk

Our packages carry NO risk for your organization. After you select the packages you would like to feature, we provide marketing materials, images, and package descriptions to help maximize your ROI. After your event, only pay for those packages that sell. In addition, all of our packages are available to sell multiple times!

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