Dust off those hats ladies; it's time to head to Kentucky! Known in the U.S. as “the fastest two minutes in sports”, the Kentucky Derby is the thrill of a lifetime. Held the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby has been run consecutively every year since 1875. It is the first leg of the U.S. Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Horseracing aside, this is a fantastic weekend filled to the brim with outlandish yet highly regarded traditions; the most recognizable and highly participated in is having women dressed up in lavishly accessorized outfits topped-off with large and undeniably embellished hats. For the horses, trainers and owners themselves, the greatest tradition is that of one originating in 1896 whereby the winner is awarded a lush blanket of 554 red roses draped proudly around the winners neck. Come experience the fun and excitement that is the Kentucky Derby!

  • Clubhouse seating for Kentucky Oaks on Friday May 5th 2023 for 2

  • Clubhouse seating for Kentucky Derby on Saturday May 6th 2023 for 2

  • NO Hotel Stay Included

  • Booking & concierge service


Travel needs to be booked within one and a half years and traveled within two and a half years. As well travel must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance and reservations are subject to availability.

(Add 3 night hotel stay for a total of $4,995) 

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